It is the pleasure of HRH the Prince Regent to declare a Grand Jubilee in celebration of the recent victory over Napoleon culminating in the present Glorious Peace and in honor of the Centennial of Hanoverian rule.

Green Park

Temple of Concorde

Amazed crowds witnessed the ascent of Mr. James Sadler in his balloon opened the festivities. Sadler dropped favors and programs to the thrilled crowd below. After dark, celebrants watched as the Castle of Discord disappeared behind a cloud of smoke and fireworks to momentarily reappear transformed into the Temple of Concorde with rockets bursting overhead. Colonel Sir William Congreve's inventor's mind devised a mechanism to enable the metamorphosis. John Nash designed the Temple of Concorde (above). The upper part of the Temple revolved mechanically by means of a machine, also conceived by Congreve, to reveal the apotheosis of the Prince Regent and the triumph of England. The whole spectacle brilliantly illuminated by Congreve's magnificent fireworks.

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Hyde Park

King of Prussia, Prince Regent, Czar Alexander I, with the Duke of York, General Blucher, General Lord Beresford and General Hill review 12,000 troops in Hyde Park.

Re-enactment of Trafalgar with model ships in Hyde Park.

A reenactment of the triumphant battle of Trafalgar was staged upon the Serpentine at 8 pm. Three foot long scale replicas of the war ships were maneuvered about the lake in an accurate representation of the pivotal events of that day. Providing the entertaining illusion of a bird's-eye-view of the battle, which had taken place on October 21, 1805. French ships sunk in flames to the strains of the National Anthem.

Ornamental booths and stalls, arcades and kiosks, and follies and pavilions were erected to house cake houses, taverns, and apple stalls providing the public with refreshment. Military bands, acrobats, and swings and roundabouts provided entertainment.

St. James

St. James Park was graced with an exotic seven story Chinese pagoda atop a picturesque yellow bridge ornamented with black lines that crossed the Canal in St. James Park. The pagoda and four bridge pavilions were each topped with a bright blue roof. The splendid gala was organized for the joint August first celebration of the Hanoverian Centenary and the anniversary of the Battle of the Nile. The brilliant and daring tactics of Lord Nelson at the Battle of the Nile were represented by rowboats upon the canal. A disaster occurred when the gas lit pagoda caught fire and burned. Two men were killed and a number injured trying to put out the fire. A number of the Royal swans succumbed to smoke and fire. The crowd unaware that this was an accident took the occurrence to be part of the spectacle and applauded wildly.

Calendar of Events

April 20, 1814
Triumphal procession for Louis XVII from Hyde Park to Grillon's Hotel
June 7, 1814
Arrival of Alexander I, King William III of Prussia, Marshal Blucher, Prince Metternich, Prince of Liechtenstein, and Prince Leopold in London.
June 11, 1814
Prince Regent and other Allied Leaders attend opera at Covent Garden.
June 16, 1814
Prince Regent and Allied Leaders are guests at Celebratory diner held by the merchants and bankers of London.
June 18, 1814
Prince Regent, Marquis of Wellesly, Lord Liverpool, Marshal Blucher, Prince Metternich, Czar Alexander I, and Catherine Grand Duchess of Oldenburg are guests of honor at a dinner given by the Corporation of London.
June 20, 1814
Prince Regent, Duke of York, King of Prussia, Czar Alexander I, General Blucher, General Lord Beresford and General Hill review 12,000 troops in Hyde Park.
Trafalgar reenactment takes place.
June 28, 1814
Official welcome of Wellington on his triumphal return to England by the Queen at Buckingham House.
July 1, 1814
White's Ball in honor of Duke of Wellington given at Burlington House. 1700 persons attend.
July 7, 1814
Service of General Thanksgiving for the Allied Victory held in St Paul's Cathedral.
Prince Regent and Wellington enter together; the Duke bearing the sword of state.
July 21,1814
Fete held in the temporary rooms in the garden at Carlton House to honor the Duke of Wellington
August 1,1814
Anniversary of Hanoverian rule. Reenactment of the Battle of the Nile in St James Park.
Transformation and illumination of the Temple of Concorde in Green Park.

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