Sebastian St. Cyr Mysteries

What Angels Fear

Breech loading cannon muzzled pistol made by French gunsmith Cassaignard of Nantes simialr to the one Sebastion St. Cyr carries.
Saint Matthew of the Fields
history of Saint Matthew of the Fields, London

Sword Stick
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When Gods Die

The Prince of Wales riding along the Steine in Brighton in 1804 with the Marine Pavilion in the background.

Prinny celebrate his Regency

The Pavilion at Brighton
Exhibit on Chinoiserie in the Brighton Pavilion
Article on Chinoiserie

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Why Mermaids Sing

St. James Park
Old Palace Yard
Cape Town
cabin boy
East India Company
Raft of the Medusa

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Where Serpents Sleep

Prostition in Regency England
cartoon of prostitute from the Regency Era
Billingsgate fish Market

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What Remains of Heaven

Royal Hospital Chelsea

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Where Shadows Dance



Cock Fighting
Cockpit Royal

Limmer's Hotel

At the corner of Conduit Street and George Street is Limmer's Hotel, once an evening resort for the sporting world; in fact, it was a midnight "Tattersall's," where nothing was heard but the language of the turf, and where men with not very clean hands used to make up their books. "Limmer's," says a popular writer, "was the most dirty hotel in London; but in the gloomy, comfortless coffee-room might be seen many members of the rich squirearchy, who visited London during the sporting season. This hotel was frequently so crowded that a bed could not be had for any amount of money; but you could always get a good plain English dinner, an excellent bottle of port, and some famous gin-punch."

At the corner of this and Mill Street is the sign of the "Coach and Horses," serving as a sort of tap to "Limmer's," still bearing testimony to the sporting associations of the neighbourhood. Whilst the gentlemen Jehus put up at "Limmer's," their coachmen and grooms met here, and discussed all sorts of questions connected with horseflesh at a sociable "free and easy."

Quoted from: British History

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General Information

Rag Fair

Rosemary Lane, now re-christened Royal Mint Street, located near the Tower of London was the home of the Rag Fair where old clothes were sold.

"One side of the lane," says Mayhew, in his "London Labour," "is covered with old boots and shoes; old clothes, both men's, women's, and children's; new lace, for edgings, and a variety of cheap prints and muslins, and often of the commonest kinds (also new); hats and bonnets; pots; tins; old knives and forks, old scissors, and old metal articles generally; here and there is a stall of cheap bread or American cheese, or what is announced as American; old glass; different descriptions of second-hand furniture, of the smaller size, such as children's chairs, bellows, &c. Mixed with these, but only very scantily, are a few brightlooking swag-barrows, with china ornaments, toys, &c. Some of the wares are spread on the ground, on wrappers, or pieces of matting or carpet; and some, as the pots, are occasionally placed on straw. The cotton prints are often heaped on the ground, where are also ranges or heaps of boots and shoes, and piles of old clothes, or hats or umbrellas. Other trades place their goods on stalls or barrows, or over an old chair or clothes-horse. And amidst all this motley display the buyers and sellers smoke, and shout, and doze, and bargain, and wrangle, and eat, and drink tea and coffee, and sometimes beer.'

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