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Ludgate Street

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Nathan Soames Boot &Shoe Warehouse 9    
Daniel Shuttleworth Hosier 11    
Tipping Rigby Merchant 15    

Ludgate Hill

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Tho. Reeve Hosier &Hat-maker 15 &25    
William Stock Chymist &Druggist 17    
Sainsbury &Langford Tobacconists 22    
Rowley &Leach Wine Merchants 24    
Thomas Reeve Hosier &Hat-maker 25 & 15   
T. Scott Upholsterer, Auctioneer, &c. 29   
Rundell, Bridge &Rundell Jewellers &Silversmith 32   1786
George Riley Stationer 33    
Charles Sharp Perfumer 48    
St Paul's Cathedral       

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