Georgian London
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Adelphi near the Strand

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Number   Name Trade Description Source/Year
Adam street   Patrick Campbell Merchant   *
Adam street   Osborne & Sheffield Wine Merchants   *
6 Adelphi wharf   John Hodgson Coal Merchant   *
10 Adelphi wharf, Strand   Wm. Harding Coal Merchant   *
11 Adelphi-wharf   Wm. Philpot Coal Merchant   *
4, John street   A. Lawrie Army Agent   *
11 John street   Brown & Whiteford Wine Merchants   *
Middle Adelphi-wharf   Parkins & Thompson Merchants   *
2 Middle-wharf   Selby Potts Coal Merchant   *
3 Middle-wharf   James Sants Coal Merchants   *
3 Robert street   Duncan Campbell Merchant   *

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