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U of London           1836
King's College            
Cambridge          1284-present
Oxford           1249-present
St Paul's           1509
St Andrews College   3rd oldest in Britan, oldest in Scotland   Scotland 1411
Glasgow University        1451
Edinburgh University         1583
Durham           1832
Royal Military College Wollwich       1741
Sandhurst   Sandhurst     Berkshire 1799

Public Schools

Eaton Public School         1440-present
Harrow Public School         1572-present
Rugby Public School     moved to Rugby town in 1750   1567
Winchester Public School   Founded by William of Whicham, Bishop     1382
Westminster Public School   Burdett, Duke of Richmond, Robert Douthey attended began as a Benadictine College    
Charter House Public School behind St Bartholemew's Hospital Greek, Latin     1611
Ackworth Quaker boarding School         1779-present
St Paul's           1509

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