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NameAddressPersonal AssociationsOther inhabitantsStyleYear
Lichfield House       Palladian  
 10 William Pitt the elder, Earl of Chatam    
Lichfield House 15     
 16 Edmund Boehm     
Halifax House 17 1st and 2nd Marquesses of Halifax Philp Francis the author of "The Letters of Junis"
1820, Queen Caroline
  18 Philip, Earl of Chesterfield 1727-1733 Lord Castlereagh 1800   
 19 Duke of Cleveland 1720-1894    
  20 Sir Watkin Williams Wynn   Adam  
 21 Arrabella Churchill, Catharine Sedley
James II's mistresses
1791-95 rebuilt by 5th Duke of Leeds
1829, Bishops of Winchester
 32 Bishops of London   until 1999
 33 rebuilt for the future 3rd earl of Buckinghamshire Adam    

* From Kent's Directory 1794

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