Prinny's Paintings

The Prince Regent's love of fine objects included paintings. He hung his collection of paintings on the walls of the opulent Carlton House. The "Shipbuilder and his Wife", purchased at auction in 1811 for 5,000 guineas, can be seen hanging on the wall of the Blue Velvet Room in the 1818 watercolor by Charles Wild, engraved by Daniel Havell for the hand colored aquatint plate book The History of the Royal Residences by William Henry Pyne. By 1816, the suite of state rooms at Carlton House was adorned with 136 paintings. 67 more paintings were in the Prince's bedroom suite. His other 250 paintings were in storage.

In 1814, the Prince Regent acquired 86 Dutch and Flemish paintings from the heir of the banker, Sir Francis Baring. This brought the total Dutch and Flemish Masters works in his collection to over 200. The Prince Regent then sold 77 of his least favorite paintings, mostly still lifes, anonymously at Christie's on June 29, 1814.

The Prince also commissioned and collected works by British portrait painters Thomas Gainsborough, Sir Joshua Reynolds, William Beechery (1753-1839), John Hoppner, and Sir Thomas Lawrence. Lawrence's energetic style and vivid colors particularly suited George the IV's flamboyant style. The Scottish artist David Wilkie's work of 1818, "Penny Wedding," reminded the Prince Regent of his Dutch paintings. He became Wilkie's patron. George IV's passion for animals led him to patronize sporting artists Sawrey Gilpin, George Garrad, Benjamin Marshall, James Ward (1769-1859), and George Stubbs.

In 1822, King George IV had his favorite paintings moved from Carlton House to his new favorite residence the Cottage in Windsor Park.

Lord Yarmouth (1777-1842) (later the 3rd Marquess of Hertford) , Sir Charles Long (1760-1838 )(later 1st Baron Farnborough), Walsh Porter, and Sir Thomas Lawrence all acted as advisors to the Prince of Wales, later George IV, on paintings. These men were all influential and informed collectors of art in their own right. Lord Yarmouth served as the Prince Regent's agent at art sales during the period 1810 to 1819.

A Partial List of the Prince Regent's Collection:

Jacques-Laurent Agasse (1767-1849) "The Nubian Giraffe"; 1827
"White-Tailed Gnus," 1828
Cuyp, Aelbert (1620-91) "An Evening Landscape with Figures and Sheep," c. 1650
Gerrit Dou (1613-1675) "The Grocer's Shop" 1672 acquired in 1817 for 1,000 guineas
Gainsborough, Thomas (1727 - 1788) "Diana and Actaeon"
"John Hayes St Leger," 1782
" The Three Elder Princesses" 1784
Gilpin, Sawrey (1733-1807)example of his work
Haydon, Benjamin Robert "Mock Election" 1827
Hooch, Pieter de (1629- c.1683)"The Card Players"
Hogarth, William (1697-1764) "David Garrick and his Wife" 1757
Sir Thomas Lawrence (1769-1830) "George IV" 1822
Loutherbourg, Philip James de (1740-1812)
"The Glorious First of June" 1795
Marshall, Benjamin (1767-1835) Sam With Sam Chifney, Jr., Up;1818
Mulready, William (1786-1863 ) "Interior of an English Cottage" 1828
Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn (1606-1669) "Shipbuilder and his Wife" purchased at auction in 1811 for 5,000 guineas
"Christ and St. Mary Magdalen at the Tomb" purchased in 1819
"The Lady with a Fan"  
"Portrait of Rembrandt in a Flat Cap" 1642  
Reynolds, Joshua (1723-1792) "Self-Portrait"
"Cymon and Iphigenia"
"The Death of Dido" 1781
Rubens, Peter Paul (1577-1640) "Self-Portrait"
"Landscape with St George and the Dragon"
"The Farm at Laeken" c. 1618 purchased in 1821
Ruisdael, Jacob van (1628-1682) "Evening Landscape: A Windmill by a Stream"
Steen, Jan (1626-1679) "The Morning Toilet" 1663
Stubbs, George (1724-1806) 18 paintings including:
"The Prince of Wales' Phaeton"
"William Anderson with two Saddle Horses"
"Soldiers of the Tenth Light Dragoons"
"Baronet with Samuel Chifney" 1791
"George IV When Prince of Wales" 1791
" Finished Study for the Fifth Anatomical Table" c.1756-7
"Red Deer Stag and Hind" 1792.
"A Grey Horse" 1793
"Laetitia, Lady Lade" 1793
"Fino and Tiny" 1791
Ter Borch, Gerard (1617-1681) "The Letter," 1660
Turner, Joseph Mallord William (1775 - 1851) "The Battle of Trafalgar"
Sir Anthony van Dyck (1599-1641) "Charles I in Three Positions"
Wilkie, David (1785-1841) "Penny Wedding"
"Blind Man's Buff"
"The Defence of Sargossa"
3 more of the Spanish resistance to the French
2 or 3 Italian scenes

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