The Young Prince of Wales

Potrait of Queen Charlotte and her two sons by Johann Zoffany 1764
Portrait of Queen Charlotte and the Prince of Wales age two and Frederick the Bishop of Osnaburgh and future Duke of York age one by Zoffany in 1764.

Prince of Wales 1782 by Gainsborough

Some things you may not have heard about the Prince of Wales:

The Prince of Wales was a strong swimmer and once alarmed Smoaker Miles, a dipper at Brighton, by going out rather far. Smoaker swam out and towed the Prince of Wales in by his ear. Prinny complained to the man of such treatment. "What would I say to your father if you were drowned?" the man protested indignantly! The thought of such an encounter sent the Prince of Wales into whoops of laughter and all was forgiven.

In 1785, the Prince of Wales was far up the river Tick, The King wouldn't help without receiving certain concessions in return such as the Prince's renunciation of the Whigs. Prinny decided to try one of his dramatic gestures. He shut up Carlton House, sold his horses and carriages, dismissed his servants, and rented a little villa in Brighton. On July 15, he left London on the Brighton Dilly, a public coach, travelling as an outside passenger. As one might imagine, the other passengers were amazed. Mrs. Fitzherbert followed the Prince to Brighton a short time later. The pair lived quietly for almost a year at which time the Prince finally had to admit the ploy was not producing the hoped for effect on his father. He then resumed his flamboyant lifestyle.

The Prince of Wales age 20 painted by Gainsborough in 1782.

Fino and Tiny by Stubbs 1791 The Prince and his mother shared a love of the Pomeranian dog breed. Queen Charlotte brought pomeranians with her when she married George III. The dogs were a larger animal of about thirty pounds at that time. The Prince of Wales had his Pomeranian Fino included in a painting of his phaeton and painted again in this portrait. The dog was obviously a great favorite with his owner.

Fino and Tiny the beloved pets of the Prince of Wales painted by George Stubbs in 1791.

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