Derby Winners 1780-1851
1780, May 4thDiomedSam ArnullSir Charles Bunbury9
1781Young EclipseHindleyMajor O'Kelly15
1782AssassinSam ArnullLord Egremont13
1783SaltramHindleyMr Parker6
1784, May 20thSerjeantJohn Arnull Colonel O'Kelly11
1785AimwellG. HindleyLord Clermont9
1786NobleJ. WhiteMr Panton15
1787, May 24thSir Peter TeazleSam Arnull12th Earl of Derby7
1788, May 8thSir ThomasW. South H.R.H. The Prince of Wales11
1789,May 28thSkyscraperSam Chifney Duke of Bedford11
1790, May 20thRhadamanthusJohn ArnullLord Grosvenor 10
1791, June 9thEagerStephensonDuke of Bedford9
1792, May 24thJohn BullFrancis BuckleLord Grosvenor7
1793 May 16thWaxyWilliam CliftSir F. Poole13
1794 June 5thDaedalusFrancis BuckleLord Grosvenor4
1795 May 21stSpread EagleA. WheatleySir F. Standish11
1796 May 12thDidelotJohn ArnullSir F. Standish11
1797 June 1stcolt by FidgetJohn SingletonDuke of Bedford7
1798 May 24thSir HarrySam ArnullMr J. Cookson10
1799 May 9thArchdukeJohn ArnullSir F. Standish11
1800ChampionWilliam Clift Mr C. Wilson13
1801Eleanor, also won the OaksSaundersSir Charles Bunbury11
1802TyrantFrancis BuckleDuke of Grafton9
1803DittoWilliam CliftSir H. Williamson6
1804 May 17thHannibalWilliam ArnullLord Egremont8
1805Cardinal BeaufortD. FitzpatrickLord Egremont15
1806ParisJ. ShepherdLord Foley12
1807 May 14thElectionJohn ArnullLord Egremont13
1808PanCollinsonSir H. Williamson10
1809, May 18thPopeThomas GoodisonDuke of Grafton10
1810, June 7thWhaleboneWilliam CliftDuke of Grafton11
1811, May 30thPhantomFrancis Buckle Sir John Shelley16
1812OctaviusWilliam Arnull Mr R. Ladbroke14
1813SmolenskoThomas GoodisonSir Charles Bunbury12
1814, May 26thBlucherWilliam ArnullLord Stawell14
1815WhiskerThomas GoodisonDuke of Grafton13
1816, May 30thPrince LeopoldA. WheatleyMr Lake11
1817, May 22ndAzorJem Robinson Mr J. Payne13
1818, May 28thSamSam Chifney Jr.Squire T. Thornhill 
1819TiresiasWilliam CliftDuke of Portland16
1820SailorSam Chifney Jr.Squire Thornhill 
1821, June 7thGustavusJohn DayMr J. Hunter13
1822, May 23rdMosesThomas GoodisonDuke of York12
1823, May 29thEmiliusFrancis BuckleMr J.R. Udney11
1824, June 3rdCedricj. RobinsonSir J. Shelley17
1825, May 19thMiddletonJem RobinsonLord Jersey18
1826Lap-DogDockerayLord Egremont19
1827MamelukeJem Robinson5th Earl of Jersey23
1828Cadland, finished even with The Colonel.
A 2nd heat was run after the "Durdans Stakes"
Jem Robinson Duke of Rutland15
1829FrederickOld Forth (60 yr. old)Mr Gratwicke17
1830, May 27thPriamJohn DayWilliam Chifney 23
1831, May 19thSpanielA. WheatleyLord Lowther23
1832St. GilesScottMr R. Ridsdale22
1833, May 23rdDangerousJ. ChappleMr Sadler25
1834, May 20thPlenipotentiaryConollyMr S. Batson22
1835MundigScottMr J. Bowes14
1836, May 19thBay Middleton Jem Robinson 5th Earl of Jersey21

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