St. Leger Winners at Doncaster, Yorkshire 1776-1851
Year Winning HorseTrainerJockeyOwnerStarters
1776 Allabaculia SingletonMarquis of Rockingham5
1777Bourbon CadeMr. Sotheron10
1778 Hollandaise George Herring Sir Thomas Gascoigne8
1779Tommy Lowry Sr.Mr Stapleton10
1780Ruler MangleBethell7
1781Serina FosterColonel Radcliffe9
1782Imperatrix SeraleRev. Goodricke5
1783 Phoenomenon Issac Cape at MiddlehamHallSir J. L. Kaye4
1784Omphale KirtonMr Coates7
1785Cowslip SeraleMr. Hill4
1786 Paragon J.Mangle John "Crying Jackie" Mangle (1751-1831) Lord A. Hamilton8
1787 Spadille J.Mangle John "Crying Jackie" Mangle (1751-1831) Lord A. Hamilton6
1788 Young Flora J.Mangle John "Crying Jackie" Mangle (1751-1831) Lord A. Hamilton5
1789 Pewett SingletonLord Fitzwilliam6
1790Ambidexter SeraleMr Dealtry8
1791 Young Traveller JacksonMr. Hutchinson8
1792Tartar J.Mangle John "Crying Jackie" Mangle (1751-1831) Lord A. Hamilton11
1793Ninety-Three PeirseMr Clifton8
1794Beningbrough JacksonMr. Hutchinson8
1795 Hambletonian BoyerSir Henry Tempest Vane (or Sir C. Turner)5
1796Ambrosio JacksonMr. Cookson7
1797Lounger ShepherdMr. G. Crompton8
1798Symmetry JacksonSir T. Gascoigne10
1799Cockfighter FieldsSir Henry Tempest Vane7
1800 Champion, first southern horse to win the St.Leger. T.Perren Francis BuckleMr. Wilson10
1801Quiz ShepherdRev. Goodricke8
1802Orville Singleton Jr.Lord Fitzwilliam7
1803Remembrancer SmithLord Strathmore8
1804Sancho Francis BuckleMr. Mellish11
1805Stavely JacksonMr. Mellish10
1806Fyldener CarrMr Clifton15
1807Paulina CliftLord Fitzwilliam16
1808PetroniusW.Theakston SmithDuke of Hamilton12
1809Ashtonat Middleham by W.TheakstonSmithDuke of Hamilton14
1810Octavian CliftDuke of Leeds8
1811Soothsayer SmithMr. Gascoigne24
1812Otterington JohnsonMr. Robb24
1813Altisidora Trained by T.SykesJacksonbred and owned by Squire Watt of Bishop Burton 17
1814William trained at Middleham by W. TheakstonShepherdDuke of Hamilton12
1815Filho da Puta trained at Middleham by James CroftJacksonSir W. Maxwell15
1816The Duchesstrained at Middleham by James CroftSmithSir B. R. Graham13
1817Ebor trained at Catterick by J.LonsdaleJohnsonMr. Peirse18
1818Reveller J.Lonsdale at Catterick Johnson bred and owned by Mr.Heny Peirse (of Bedale), Mr. Peirse also bred the second (who he also still owned), third and fourth home, all sons of the stallion, Como, who stood near Bedale.21
1819 Antonio Trained at Catterick by J. Lonsdale NicholsonTom Ferguson, landlord of the George and Dragon inn, (Odds were 30 to 1 against )14
1820St.Patrick trained at Catterick by J.Lonsdale the trainers fourth success in as many years.JohnsonSir E. Smith27
1821Jack Spigot Scott Hon. T. O. Powlett at Bolton Stud Wensley, Leyburn, North Yorkshire13
1822Theodore wins followed by Violet, Professor, and Corinthian. All trained by James Croft, of Middleham. These were his only runners in the race which had a field of 23.Jackson The horse came up lame before the race. The odds were 100-1 against Theodore. In a rage, his owner, the Hon. E. Petre, sold all bets on him for 200 to a Mr Mills. He led the race from start to finish winning by four lengths.23
1823Barefoot R. ShepherdThomas 'Dick' Goodison bred and owned by Squire Watt of Bishop Burton (near Beverley)12
1824Jerrytrained at Middleham by James CroftSmithMr. Gascoigne23
1825MemnonR.ShepherdScott bred and owned by Squire Watt of Bishop Burton 30
1826Tarrare NelsonLord Scarborough27
1827MatildaJohn Scott at MaltonRobinsonHon. E. Petre26
1828The ColonelJohn Scott at MaltonScottHon. E. Petre19
1829Rowton John Scott at MaltonScottHon. E. Ptere19
1830Birmingham ConnollyMr. Beardsworth28
1831Chorister John DayLord Cleveland24
1832Margrave trained by John Scott at Malton,RobinsonMr. Gully 16
1833Rockingham, also winner of Doncaster and Goodwood Cups, and placed second in the Ascot Gold Cup. R.ShepherdDarling4th horse bred and owned by Squire Watt of Bishop Burton20
1834Touchstoneby John Scott at MaltonCallowayLord Westminster 11
1835Queen of Trumps LyeHon. E. Mostyne11
1836Elis John DayLord Lichfield14
1837Mango S. Day Jr.Mr. Greville13
1838Don JohnJohn Scott at MaltonScottLord Chesterfield7
1839Charles XIIJohn Scott at MaltonScottMajor Yarburgh14
1840Launcelot John Scott at MaltonScottLord Westminster11
1841Satirist John Scott at MaltonScottLord Westminster 11
1842Blue Bonnet Tom Dawson at MiddlehamLyeLord Eglinton17
1843Nutwith R.Johnson at Middleham J. MarsonMr. S. Wrather 9
1844Faugh-A-Ballagh H. BellMr. E. J. Irwin9
1845The BaronJohn Scott at MaltonF. Butler"Squire" Watt15
1846Sir Tatton Sykes ScottMr. W. Scott12
1847 Van Tromp John Fobert at MiddlehamJ. Marson Lord Eglinton8
1848Surplice FlatmanViscount Clifden9
1849The Flying Dutchman MarlowLord Eglinton10
1850Voltigeur wins both the Derby and St.Leger.  J. Marson 2nd Earl of Zetland (of Aske Hall near Richmond where there is a commemorative Voltigeur gate)8
1851 NewminsterJohn Scott at MaltonTemplemanMr. A. Nichol18

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