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In Georgian times a toasting fork was an item in daily use. It was used to toast crumpets or bread in the fireplace for buttered toast or toasted cheese sandwiches. Travel toasting forks would have telescoping handles that could be shortened to make them less unwieldy to transport. They helped many a soldier or traveler to make stale bread more palatable. A toasting fork is mentioned in the Capel Letters. In Wives and Daughters, Molly Gibson and her father love to make toasted bread and cheese in the fireplace.

The German Pastor, Carl Philip Moritz, was delighted by the English invention, toast. "There is a way of roasting slices of buttered bread before the fire which is incomparable," he wrote."One slice after another is taken and held to the fire with a fork till the butter soaks through the whole pile of slices. This is called toast". --Moritz, Carl Philip. Journey of a German in England: Walking Tour of England in 1782

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