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English Breakfast

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enough bacon to feed a
hungry army

In 1776, Margaret Dodds invited seven friends for "a simple breakfast" at her London townhouse. Author Samuel Johnson was one of the guests and he later wrote that "even though the meal was served on a large buffet table, there were nine servants in attendance, five to fill our plates when first we went to the buffet and four to ensure that our plates would never again be empty."

The supposedly simple breakfast menu included oatmeal with sweet cream, smoked herrings, sardines with mustard sauce, grilled trout with white butter sauce, cold veal pies, grilled kidneys, sausages with mashed potatoes, beef tongue with hot horseradish sauce, and, in Dr. Johnson's words, "enough bacon to feed a hungry army". There were three kinds of fresh bread and four kinds of rolls, with a choice of spreads including butter, honey, orange marmalade, and jams made from raspberries, cherries and apples. The beverages offered included French and Spanish brandies, fresh apple cider, tea and coffee.

English breakfast might also included kippers. Kippers are usually herring or a young salmon split, cleaned, boned, dried, and rubbed with salt and pepper. Then fried or baked and served hot at the breakfast table.

Breakfast Serving Pieces
George III hot water urn Hester Bateman teapot on stand rolltop buffet meat server
hot water urn teapot on stand rolltop buffet meat server
Bristol Blue glass Brandy decanter Georgian fish slice server  detail of fish slice server
Bristol Blue glass
Brandy decanter
      fish slice server        detail
Georgian sauce boats
sauce boats
George III  Sheffield bread basket
bread basket
Georgian silver coffee pot with ebony handle
coffee pot with ebony handle
serpentine front mahogany sideboard
The breakfast buffet would be laid out on this serpentine front mahogany sideboard.
dumbwaiter pier cabinet
The dumbwaiter would hold condiments like the marmalade and jams. The breakfast beverages would be served from the pier cabinet.
mahogany table with removable leaves
Guests will sit at the mahogany table with servants standing behind waiting to be of service.
Regency chair
No need to get out of your chair;
just eat and converse.
The servants will keep your
cup and plate filled.
pagoda tulipiere

Create your own English breakfast with a selection of jams, teas, and coffees and a pack of English muffins and a tub of cream cheese.
Don't forget the marmalade.

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