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Women's Hats and Bonnets


American Navy vs British Navy: a David & Golaith Story
Salty Language
Rents and Income
Vice-Admiral Nelson's Funeral
Barging Down the Mississippi
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Sample some Tea
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Read a series of articles on stroke related topics by one of our contributors.

Try Some Regency Fantasies

His Majesty's Dragon (Temeraire, Book 1) by Naomi Novik
Throne of Jade (Temeraire, Book 2) by Naomi Novik
Black Powder War (Temeraire, Book 3) by Naomi Novik
Empire of Ivory (Temeraire, Book 4) by Naomi Novik
[Peter Jackson has recently purchased an option on the movie rights to these books.]

Enjoy Stella Tillyard's Regency books

Aristocrats: Caroline, Emily, Louisa, and Sarah Lennox, 1740-1832
A Royal Affair: George III and his Troublesome Siblings
Citizen Lord: The Life of Edward Fitzgerald, Irish Revolutionary
Tides of War: A Novel

Try Some Regency mysteries:

What Angels Fear by C.S. Harris
When Gods Die by C.S. Harris
Why Mermaids Sing by C.S. Harris
Where Serpents Sleep by C.S. Harris
What Remains of Heaven by C.S. Harris
Where Shadows Dance by C.S. Harris

Sebastian St. Cyr Mysteries Information Page

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Places to Visit in London

Gunter's Tea Shop

Join us at Gunter's
for an ice

The Egyptian Hall containing
the collection of
Mr. William Bullock accumulated during
seventeen years of arduous research
at a cost of 30,000.
Admission 1 shilling

Mr. Bullock presents
Napoleon's carriage
captured at Waterloo

Join Elizabeth
and the rest of the
Gardiner's Party for an
Evening at the Theater


Fashionable Hour
"... a thousand well appointed equipages
the spotted coach-dogs, such a blaze of splendor is now to be seen nowhere but in London."

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Street and Business Home London Street and Business Index
London's Bridges London Docks
and others who work in the street
London Merchants
Street Indexes Square Indexes
London Guidebook
Places of Interest Districts and Villages
Transportation in London

"Buy my sweetly singing glasses!"
and other Street Hawker's cries
Street Vendors

Georgian Banking

Georgian News Sources

Meet with an architect
and plan a place in the country.


"Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea."
Henry Fielding

Mrs Mary Dodds
desires the pleasure
of the company
of her intimate friends
for a simple breakfast

You are invited
to an evening
card party

A musical evening
in the latest fashion
The Glass Armonica

Join Elizabeth and Jane
at the
Assembly Ball

Join George III
for an evening of
tracing shades.

of the
Dessert Experience
Take rooms at Albany
and delve into the
structure's history

Royal Mail

Royal Mail Home Page Royal Mail Coach
Departing from London daily promptly at 8 pm

"Bring out yer post.
Last chance to catch the mail!"
London Mail Delivery

Tollgates in London

Carriages and Carriage Horses

Science & Adventure
Witness James Sadler's
Balloon Ascent
Marking the Opening
of the
Grand Jubilee

The Planets:
Mercury, Venus,
Earth, Mars,
Jupiter, Saturn,
Georgium Sidus

Georgian Pets

Beloved by Royalty,
Companion to Famous Writers;
A very fine Cat, indeed!
Adored by the beauties of the age
and Admired by Gentlemen of rank;
Its a dog's life!
Chalkware on the Mantel

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Join Darcy & Bingley
Shooting on-the-wing
Poldark Companion:
See what really ailed
tail-shot cow

Travel Britain
with a
Packhorse Train


Necessaire or bring your own silverware.

The small matter of chatelaines, reticules, and vinaigrettes.

The Jewelery Page Let's peek
in the jewelry case

Gentlemens' Accouterments

Visit a Tailor
Dress Like a
Fashionable Gentleman
Horse Racing

In 1780…
Lord Derby and Lord Bunbury
decided to hold a new race
for three year olds at Epsom.
Derby won the coin toss
that awarded him
the right to choose the name,
but Lord Bunbury's Diomed
won the first annual race.
Horse Racing

A Contest

according to London rules
The Gentlemen of Islington
against those of Hackney
for 50 guineas.
Gentleman Jackson's
Boxing Club
Bond Street
Practice the Manly Art of
Self Defense

Royal George Sail away to
the exclusive
shores of
Isle of Wight

Join Mr. Darcy and Mr. Gardiner
for Fly-fishing
at Pemberley

Henry Angelo En garde!
Angelo's School of Arms
on Bond Street
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How about a game of Billiards? Enter the Billiards Room
Join the Bennet Sisters
in decorating a tea caddy
rolled paper
Go before the
Returning Officer
register your vote

Elizabeth's Love of Landscape

Join Elizabeth and Darcy
for a walk to
Oakham Mount.

Join Elizabeth
and the
for a
Tour of Derby
Celebrations and Fetes

The Prince Regent
Holds a
Fete to Honor
the Duke of Wellington
at Carlton House

Temple of Concorde Visit the spectacular celebration of the
Glorious Peace
including fireworks, balls, spectacles,
and a royal birthday party.

The Prince
Celebrates his

Let us emulate
Miss Eliza Bennet and
Her Aunt and Uncle Gardiner
and take a tour of
English country estates.

The Grand Tour
"Why not? It will amuse the English."

Vesuvius on the Grand Tour
Witness the
sublime beauty of an
eruption at night
The Prince of Wales, Prince Regent (1811-1820), George IV (1820-1830)

Carlton House Spacious apartments all looking on the lovely garden.
- Horace Walpole on Carlton house

The Times
A Gentleman of high rank and
Mrs.     are now inseperables.
Where one is invited, a card to the other is a matter of course.
Prinny's Mistresses

Prinny's Set Prinny and his Set
Party with Prinny and his friends.
More than one fortune will be lost on the turn of a card or a horse race.

Meet the young
Prince of Wales

This day at half past one
O'Clock, His Most Gracious Majesty, King
George the 4th... was Crowned at Westminster
Abbey, amidst the acclamations of thousands.

Visit Prinny
and Mrs. Fitzherbert
at his Brighton retreat

Prinny's Collection
of Paintings

The first thing he packed.
Always to be found in his
favorite residence.

Vice-Admiral Nelson's Funeral

American Navy vs British Navy: a David & Golaith Story
Machinists and Lathes:
the men and tools that
the Industrial Revolution

A Matter of Good Breeding


Servant Bells

to the
Hiring Fair

Princess Caroline
On May 19, 1795
Her Majesty held a fete
in honor of the
Prince and Princess of Wales
at the Queen's gardens
at Frogmore
the lawns were decorated
with sumptuous tents
formerly belonging to Tippoo Saib

Princess Charlotte Meet Princess Charlotte and Prince Leopold

Rents and Income


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