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Georgian Index


Georgian History

Catherine Decker's Fashion Page
The resource for Regency Fashions and links to related sites
Period Perfume
A list and chronology of perfumes
A British encyclopedic history Resource
The Coins of Napoleon


The Royal Observatory
Information on William Herschel
A brief history of the man made infamous by "Longitude"
Astronomers Royal
An Academy of Astronomers given the task of improving navigation for the Navy


Luigi Galvani
An It alien physician who conducted electricity research
Hans Christian Oersted
A Danish Chemist
Sir Humphry Davy
who discovered laughing gas among other things
Michael Faraday
responsible for early experiments in electromagnetism


Niceties and Courtesies
IMHO this is the most concise reference of etiquette and proper address online


Men's Fashions
Opera Gloves


Furniture & Draperies from Ackermann's Repository 1809-1812

Napoleonic Wars

Napoleonic Guide
An excellent resource for information on Napoleon.
Nelson's Navy including The Battle of the Nile and Trafalgar
The Early History of Data Networks
The definitive online resource for Claude Chappe and his Optical Telegraph
Napoleonic Wars II
the new Napoleonic Wars site
A collection of sites about the era
Napoleonic Series
an excellent resource about both the French and British


Architecture Glossary
A glossary of Architectural terms
A list of Archaic occupational titles

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