Iberian Peninsula

Napoleonic Wars in the Iberian Peninsula: Orders of Battle


Wellesley's Army

Major General Brent Spencer, 2nd in Command

de la Borde's Army


General Wellesley's Army

General Jean-Andoche Junot at Vimeiro

General Moore's Army in Spain

General Sir John Moore at Corunna

Marshal Soult at Corunna

Wellesley at Oporto

Soult at Oporto

Wellesley at Talavera

Joseph &Jourdain at Talavera

Wellington at Buçaco

Massena at Buçaco

Battle at Albuera:

British forces: Commander-in-Chief: Marshal William Carr Beresford

Spanish order of battle:

Commander-in-Chief: Captain General Joachim Blake

French order of battle:Commander-in-Chief: Marshal Soult, Duke of Dalmatia

The British suffered 4,200 casualties out of 6,000 men. The Spanish suffered 2,000 casualties and the Germans and Portuguese suffered 600 casualties. The French suffered around 7,500 casualties.

Battle of Fuentes de Oñoro

British Commander-in-Chief : Lieutenant General Viscount Wellington

French Army of Portugal: Commander-in-Chief: Marshal André Massena, Prince of Essling, Duke of Rivoli

French Army of the North: Commander-in-Chief: Marshal Bessiéres, Duke of Istria

Casualties: The British, Portuguese and Spanish suffered 1,500 casualties. The French suffered 4,500 casualties.

Battle of Salamanca

British order of battle: Commander: Lieutenant General the Earl of Wellington

French order of battle: Commander in Chief: Marshal Marmont, Duke of Ragusa

Casualties: The British, Portuguese and Spanish lost 5,000 killed and wounded (half of this number being casualties in Sixth and Fourth Divisions). The French lost 7,000 killed and wounded and 7,000 as prisoners. The French also lost 20 guns.


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