Iberian Peninsula

Napoleonic Wars in the Iberian Peninsula: Spanish Resistance to Napoleons Conquest

The Populace

The people of Madrid themselves rose up on "Dos de Mayo" and revolted against the foreign King and the French oppressors killing every French soldier they could reach. The French brought in troops from encampments outside of Madrid and answered with guns, filling the streets with blood. Within the next 3 weeks other towns killed Spanish officials supporting France and made it less safe for French soldiers, but it never became a general uprising.

The Spanish armies had early successes against the French keeping them from gaining firm control.

Also in May of 1808, Sir Arthur Wellesley sent Father James Robertson O.S.B. to Denmark. His task was to apprise Spanish General Marquess de la Romaña of the new situation in Spain. He was told that 4 others had failed at the cost of their lives, but that if he could succeed, Britain would do the rest, and provide the ships to transport the General and his army back to Spain. He did indeed contact General Romaña and helped make the Spanish army richer by one effective General and 9,000 troops.

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