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Date of 1st Publicationlast pub, if defunctName, and notes
1665 London Gazette, publishing frequency was irregular.
1702 - March 111735 Daily Courant founded, first daily paper.
1704  Weekly Review founded by Daniel Defoe.
1704 - Aug 12  Earliest surviving copy of a provincial newspaper- William Bonny's Bristol Post-Boy (No. 91).
1705  Edinburgh Courant founded.
1706  Evening Post, first evening newspaper, founded.
17091711 Tatler founded by Sir Richard Steele and Joseph Addison, published tri-weekly.
1709  Worcester Post-Man founded. Became Berrow's Worcester Journal in 1753. Britain's oldest surviving non-official newspaper.
1710unknown Examiner founded, with Swift briefly as editor. Another paper with this name was started by the Hunts in 1808.
17111712 Spectator founded by Sir Richard Steele and Joseph Addison, published daily. Some issues ran to 3,000 copies sold.
1713  Stamford Mercury founded, second oldest surviving provincial newspaper.
1719  Daily Post founded, with Defoe as contributor.
17271797 London Evening Post founded.
1730 - Feb 31807 Daily Advertiser founded.
17311914 Gentleman's Magazine founded by Edward Cave.
1734  Lloyd's List founded.
1737  Belfast Newsletter, the world's oldest surviving general daily newspaper, founded.
1747 - Dec 29  Aberdeen Journal founded, later Press and Journal, the oldest surviving Scottish newspaper.
1754  Leedes Intelligencer founded, later the Yorkshire Post.
1755 - Oct 18  Bath Advertiser, Bath's second newspaper, founded to include 'Lists of the Nobility and Gentry resorting to the BATH; with an Account of Plays perform'd at both the Theatres'.
1760 - Jan 12  Public Ledger founded: oldest British periodical with continuous daily publication.
17691862 Morning Chronicle founded.
17721937 Morning Post founded by John Bell. Merged with Daily Telegraph in 1937.
17791829 First London Sunday newspaper: (Mrs) E. Johnson's British Gazette and Sunday Monitor.
1780 - Nov 11869 Morning Herald founded.
1785 - Jan 1  Daily Universal Register founded by John Walter I. Became the Times on 1 January 1788. Britain's oldest surviving newspaper with continuous daily publication.
1788 - May 3  Star and Evening Advertiser launched: the first daily evening newspaper.
1789  The Mail thrice weekly
1790 - June 20  Sunday Chronicle announces 4 a.m. Sunday morning publication, instead of Saturday night. All Sunday papers adopt the practice about this time.
1791 - Dec 1  Observer founded: oldest surviving Sunday newspaper.
1792  The Sun
1792  The Sporting Magazineor Monthly Calendar of the Transactions of the Turf, the Chase and every other Diversion, Interesting to the Man of Pleasure, Enterprise and Spirit.
1794 - Feb 8  Morning Advertiser founded by the Licensed Victuallers Association. In 1815 it became the first daily published in Fleet Street.
1796 - May 11896 Bell's Weekly Messenger founded.
1801 - Sept 271961 Weekly Dispatch launched. Became Sunday Dispatch in 1928.
1802 - Jan 11836 Cobbett's Annual Register founded, later Cobbett's Weekly Political Register.
1803  Globe launched. Merged with Pall Mall Gazette in 1921.
1804  Cambrian launched in Swansea. First newspaper published in Wales.
1808 - Jan 31881 Examiner launched. Editor Leigh Hunt imprisoned in 1813 for publishing criticism of the Prince Regent.
1808  North Wales Gazette launched in Bangor. First newspaper published in North Wales.
1810  Carmarthen Journal launched.
1814 - Jan 1  Baptist Minister, Joseph Harrris launches Seren Gomer ['Star of Gomer'] in Swansea. First Welsh-language newspaper.
1817 - Jan 25  Scotsman launched.
1821 - Feb 18  New Observer launched. Became the Sunday Times on 20 October 1822.
1821 - May 5  Manchester Guardian founded by John Edward Taylor.
1822  Cardiff Weekly Reporter launched.
1822 - March 3  Bell's Life in London adds and Sporting Chronicle to its title. First newspaper to include sport as a major component. Merged with Sporting Life in 1886.
1827 - May 21  Standard launched, later Evening Standard.
1828 - July 5  Spectator founded.
1837  Northern Star, major Chartist newspaper, founded in Leeds by Feargus O'Connor.
1841 - July 171992 Punch founded. Ceased publication in 1992; re-launched in 1996.
1841 - Nov 12  Jewish Chronicle founded. Oldest Jewish newspaper in the world.
1842 - May 14  Illustrated London News launched: first fully illustrated weekly.
1842 - Nov 27  Lloyd's Illustrated London Newspaper launched, later Lloyd's Weekly News. Became Sunday News in 1923; incorporated with Sunday Graphic in 1931.
1843  Yr Amserau ['The Times'] founded in Liverpool by John Jones and edited by William Rees. Published in the Isle of Man between July and September 1848. Merged with Baner Cymru ['Banner of Wales'] in 1859 under Thomas Gee to become Baner ac Amserau Cymru.
1843 - Sept 2  Economist founded, to campaign for free trade.
1843 - Oct 1  News of the World founded by John Browne Bell at 3d. Newsagents at first refused to handle it at such a low price.
1846  Mitchell's Newspaper Press Directory founded, later Benn's Media Directory.
1846 - Jan 21  Daily News launched, edited by Charles Dickens.
1850 - May 51967 Reynold's Weekly Newspaper launched. Became Sunday Citizen in 1962.
1851  Reuters News Agency opens in London.
1855 - June 29  Daily Telegraph launched.

Date of eventName, and notes
1709 First Copyright Act.
1712, Aug Stamp duty imposed on newspapers advertisements.
1738 All parliamentary reporting suppressed.
1763 First open reporting of Parliament since June 1738, in the North Briton under John Wilkes, who was prosecuted for seditious libel.
1771 Press wins the right to report Parliamentary proceedings.
1806 - Jan 10 First use of illustration in the Times: Nelson's funeral.
1814, Nov. 24 First issue of a newspaper - the Times - printed on a (Koenig) power press.
1815 Stamp Duty increased to 4d per sheet.
1832 First recorded British newspaper cartoon, published in Bell's New Weekly Messenger.
1844, Aug 6The first story based on a telegraphed report is printed in the Times: birth of Queen's son at Windsor.
1848 William Howard Russell joins staff of the Times. He will soon become first professional war correspondent.
1848 First W.H. Smith station bookstall opened, at Euston.
1853, Aug Abolition of advertisement tax.
1855, July 1 Repeal of the Stamp Act opens the way for cheap, mass-circulation newspapers and modern newspaper design in terms of spacing and headlines.

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