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Walking was very much a part of the fashionable life. A stroll in the park during the fashionable hour, while not as impressive as driving or riding, still provided a chance to see and be seen. There was also the all important shopping expedition to the fashionable shops of Bond Street, where the elite would be seen promenading from shop to shop after they drove or rode to the area. Grooms busily walked horses while they waited or returned home to come back again at the appointed hour. Gentlemen might walk to their clubs if they had rooms nearby. By and large the Ton never walked as a means of travel. Walking for them was recreation and a chance to be seen.

It was left to the lower classes to walk to work. A seamstress would walk to work and a milk maid would walk door to door selling her morning milk. Wealthy areas like Mayfair had paved streets and servants and municipal workers to keep the streets clean. Merchants paid workers who kept the sidewalk and street clean in front of their businesses. Poorer parts of London were often filthy. Street sweepers made their living sweeping a clean crossing to save footwear from the filth of the streets.

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