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Street Vendors plied their trade on the streets of Georgian London. They called attention to their wares by shouting to the passing crowd. They made the streets of London noisy and colorful. These prints are based on paintings by Francis Wheatly, R.A., known as a group as Cries of London and were published by Colnaghi & Co. of Pall Mall in the 1790's.

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John Cooper, barrel and basket repair Brass or Iron pots to mend 3d. a bundle, wood.  
CooperPots MendedWood, three bundles a penny
Small Coale! Door mats Maids buy a mop! Roasting jacks, toasting forks, and files.
Small Coal Door Mattes Maids, Buy A MopRoasting jacks,
toasting forks, and files
Knives, combs or inkholders Fine writing ink! Ink was only sold in certain parts of town. Mayfair for example, and especially areas crowded with solicitors, physicians and other scholarly professions. Old cloaks, suits or coats!
Knives, combs or inkholdersFine writing inkOld cloaks, suits or coats!
Diddle, diddle, dumplins, ho! Dutch biscuits! Curds and Whey Right Yorkshire cakes and hot Muffins
Diddle, diddle, dumplings, ho! Buy my Dutch Biscuits!
Buy my curds and whey!
(cottage cheese)
Yorkshire cakes and hot Muffins!
Fat chickens, fine fat hens! windmills Fine singing glasses Fine singing birds!
Fat chickens, fine fat hens!Windmills!Fine singing glasses! Buy a Fine Singing Bird!
Two bunches a penny Tea or sallop cart
Sallop was a hot infusion of sassafras, milk & sugar, much drunk by "climbing boys."
Buy my Flowers, two bunches a penny! Tea or sallop vendor with cart
Milk below maids! Milk was generally sold by pretty strapping country girls. Quite often Welsh; they were know for their shrill cry. Don't forget to tip your milkmaid on Mayday and to compliment her on the pretty beribboned cap she wears to celebrate the day. Want any matches?
Milk below, maids! Want any matches?

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