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Georgian London
Adresses and Locations

Vendors, and others who work in the street

Selling from barrows

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Name Trade Cry
Tea   Fresh hot...
Pies   Fresh hot...followed by lists of type ie. beef, steak and kidney, pork, eel, fruit, & pudding; penny pies hot, hot, hot
Hot Spiced Ginger warm beverage  
Muffins   Rang bell
Dutch Biscuit seller Gingerbread Hot spiced gingerbread, Buy my dutch biscuits.
Rang bell
Roast Chestnuts    
Chair Bodger Traveling chair repairman  

Selling from stalls or specialized carts

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Name Trade Cry
Sallop Infusion of sasafrass, milk & sugar, for "climbing boys"  
Early Breakfast stall warm meal, & tea  
Fishwife oysters penny a lot
  knife and scissor sharpener Knives or scissors to grind today?

Selling from Baskets, etc.

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Name Trade Cry
Orange girl, Fruitestere or Costor wife fruit vendor sweet china oranges, scarlet strawberries, fine ripe oranges, sweet as sugar.
Battledore maker rug beaters  
Candle seller candles  
Bird catchers    
  selling diaries at coach stops  
Trugger shallow baskets  
basket man large baskets  
Broom dasher or Bessomer   New brooms for old shoes,
Flower seller posy price ie. ha'penny a bunch
  papers of pins and needles  
Rabbits Gutted rabbits with their feet lashed together were draped on long poles which were carried by costers Here I am with my rabbits hanging on the my pole, Who will buy me rabbits?
Fishwife or Fish Monger eels Fine silver eels! Buy great eels, 5 shillings a baskets
Ballad sellers sheet music Buy a ballad
Hot cross buns   One a penny two for a tuppence
Toys Esp. jumping jacks and lamb dolls with real wool pasted on cardboard or paper with pink ribbons Would trade toys for glass bottles 'ers yer toys for girls and boys
Milkmaids usually Welsh or Irish girls imported for the purpose Milk maids bellow
  pen and ink sellers, only found in Mayfair or on Queen Anne Ink as black as jet; fine writing ink; pens, pens fine pens
  old clothing sold from sack, also purchased, wore several hats stacked on his head Old clo'
marking stones Red and black stones used much like chalk or crayons Rooming houses used them to write stop thief on their linens. Buy any marking stones.
eggs   10 for a 4d, new laid eggs 10 for a groat, crack em, and try 'em
coal sold from sack sold early morning, small coals
  boxes of wood or cardboard, sold from long pole.  

Selling from Paniers, carts, etc.

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Name Trade Cry
Potato Badger or Costormonger Vegetable fresh picked..., (list of wares) separated by 'o' and followed by a loud ho!
Baven Maker kindling  
Cane sellers switches Buy a cane for naughty boys

Services for sale

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Name Trade Cry
Ratener rat catcher, carried sign with pictures of pests, believed to be the first of costers ha' ye any rats or mice t'kill
link boys lantern light  
Caffler or Rag and bone man or chiffonier buy rags and bones and resell them to make paper or buttons  
Dustman collected refuse in cart pulled be horse or donkey look out lest he inadvertantly toss it upon you on leave it in your path on the street. Dust'o, dust'o bring it out today
Chairmen sedan chair transport  
Bellman collects post Bring out your mail
Letter carrier or postman makes deliveries  
Chimney sweeps   Swee..p! often in a low base note. Sweeps are the London equivalent of grassville's roosters
Advertising conveyancer sandwich-board man  
Caddie message boy  
Hackney Coachmen taxi service  


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Name Trade  
Runners or robin redbreasts peace keeper  
Charlie night watchman, Named for King Charles who instituted the practice.  
Raker or scale-raker street sweeper  
Door keeper porter or guard  
Lamp Lighter    

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